The Future of Real Estate

Our home selling model is hailed as “The Most Intelligent Ever” and predicted to be “The Future of Real Estate.” We are the only firm in the country with an intelligent process to attract buyers and create demand for your home before you even decided to sell.

How We Sell Homes For More

The BuyerHunt commission rebate model is a home seller’s dream.  Here’s why we are the smart choice for selling your home:

  1. Our buyer rebate model attracts buyers in droves, so we are more likely to have a qualified buyer for your home. (No other real estate firm has done this before).
  2. Because we have so many buyers, we have a better chance to sell your home fast, a key to selling for more. Why?  Homes that linger on the market usually sell for less because buyers perceive they are worth less (often not true).
  3. Giving buyers a whopping 2% from our commission motivates them to pay more for your home
  4. Our commission to you is a bargain, from 3.9% to 4.9%, depending on whether another agent is involved in the sale. And remember, we give our buyers 2% cash back so they’ll pay more for your home.