BuyerHunt is the nation’s largest network of real estate agents dedicated to helping buyers afford a better home by sharing part of their commission. Because BuyerHunt buyers receive thousands in commission, they can purchase more home with less out-of-pocket cash at closing.

BuyerHunt agents are home buying experts and master negotiators handpicked from the nation’s best real estate firms. BuyerHunt qualifications are so stringent, many of our agents are attorneys. In addition to helping buyers by sharing commission, BuyerHunt agents are pros at helping their buyers negotiate better deals, find better financing and have a better home buying experience.

The BuyerHunt commission sharing model is simple. Buyers narrow down the number of homes our agents show them by doing preliminary online research (i.e.Zillow, Trulia, and neighborhood drive-bys. They are rewarded by receiving a significant part of the agent’s commission at closing. It makes sense. Agents save time. Buyers save money.

BuyerHunt was founded by Greg Hague, a 35-year real estate entrepreneur and attorney. Greg is nationally known for pioneering innovative real estate programs that streamline the process for buying and selling homes, enabling forward thinking real estate agents to earn more while charging less. His strategies have been featured in Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and in over 300 publications worldwide. Greg believes the traditional home selling and home buying models are antiquated, inefficient, costly and desperately in need of change.