Launching in Phoenix February 2018!


The Website Designed Exclusively for Listing Agents 

Here’s a sneak peek at our website design goals

We are about to launch the website that will connect you directly with buyers and eliminate our dependency on third party websites like Zillow.

THE PURPOSE - Develop a new technology that attracts buyers away from Zillow and other third party websites, and connects them directly with real estate agents.  

ULTIMATE GOAL - becomes the new official website of the real estate profession.

LAUNCH DATE - On February 19 every contributor will be given access to this technology to immediately begin attracting buyers directly. 

UNVEIL THE WEBSITE - Website Launch Party at Greg Hague's home in Scottsdale on February 17, 2018. Contributors can either attend ($500 donation) or watch via a live video feed.

WEBSITE DEMO - Contributors of $25 or more receive private access to use the BuyerHunt smartphone app and website on February 19, 2018.

IRRESISTIBLE TO BUYERS - The BuyerHunt website and app incorporate a new technology that gives buyers a significant advantage in searching for homes, which is something no website has ever offered.   

 - has nothing to do with the MLS. It is a public-facing, high-tech home search portal and smartphone app designed to pull buyers away from Zillow, Redfin and other third party websites so they connect with listing agents directly. 

Be one of the first Phoenix area listing agents to reap the benefits of direct connection with your buyers.  A modest donation of just $25 gets you access to the site and the app on February 19.  

Sign up for today and secure an early advantage for your most profitable year yet in 2018!

- Greg Hague

The only website you’ll need to sell a listing.